Author: J. Tudor

Jason Tudor

Another Good Nudge

My father noticed this. He said, “You’re trying to do too much. You’ll burn out.” And he knows I’m stubborn like my mother knew. When I set my mind to prove I can do something, I don’t let go until it’s done. Drawing comic book pages was a boyhood dream. And I clung on to that too long. So, this week, I let it go, knowing I’ll still be painting and drawing, and sketching as a hobby. I’m no professional comic book artist, but I gave it a shot.

Vorpal Pin Up

Welcome back comics team!

Working as a team alongside Diego and colorist Mike Montalvo, and the work we produced together could not have been more fantastic in telling this story. Diego is such a pro our minds seemed synchronized with issue 3. I’m REALLY looking forward to seeing his creativity SHINE on issue 4, especially because it’s such a large issue (48 pages).


I counted 28 Barbies, which I I think is a record

My 4-year-old daughter has 28 Barbie dolls. I counted each of them. Twice. I came up with 28 both times. To be clear, that’s 16 more bodies than the Los Angeles Lakers can put...



Some general impressions attending a European football game with my favorite German tean, TSV 1860: The stadium looms like a smashed, opaque marshmallow. The grey skies surrounding it don’t dim the throng of fans...


I bet I can screw up meatloaf

It’s called meatloaf. There are two basic components to it: the meat and the loaf. Meatloaf is simple: put all of those things into a bowl, mash them, and then transfer the contents from...