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Welcome back comics team!

Some great news I’m sharing that should have the headline “Return of the Jedi,” but that’s taken, so here goes.

Return of my partner

I’m excited to announce, first, the return of my friend Keith Houin to the creative and production team. We were apart for too long, and Keith is back right at the exact best time to ensure issue 4 is a blockbuster to round out this first chapter of Vorpal’s saga. Welcome back, Keith, I’m thrilled you’re here, and I look forward to our continued partnership!

Return of the artist

Next, I’m further excited to announce Diego Albuquerque’s return to provide pencils and inks for issue 4. Issue 3 was a landmark affair for me. Working as a team alongside Diego and colorist Mike Montalvo, and the work we produced together could not have been more fantastic in telling this story. Diego is such a pro our minds seemed synchronized with issue 3. I’m REALLY looking forward to seeing his creativity SHINE on issue 4, especially because it’s such a large issue (48 pages).

Still here

I’m focused on the script, which was written for me to draw. So, for Diego, it will need more detail and visual hints to ensure he sees (at least a little of) what I am seeing. I’m hoping to get that in the can this week, and he can get started Monday. Also, Mike Montalvo does return with his spectacular color palette to make each page pop. Along with Keith’s assistance shepherding the story and every single crazy idea I may have to stuff in these pages (and there are many), we’re a great team, and I’m excited (I’ve said that more than a few times now) be moving forward to the finish line.

Comics available

Vorpal comic books are still available via IndyPlanet, Comixology and via the Crazy Monkey Ink Facebook store. You can also get them from me directly. Drop me a note.

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