Vorpal Issue #1


When her life goes wrong, Vorpal must flee, suspecting she is being hunted – but by who?

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In the darkest corners of the galaxy, where corruption and greed choke the life from entire star systems, there exists a woman feared and revered by those who dwell in the shadows. Vorpal, a name whispered with awe and trepidation, is not just an assassin – she is the galaxy’s merciless harbinger of balance, a silent force serving a shadowy government. But Vorpal’s purpose goes far beyond the crimson trails she paints across the Nine Systems. As she prepares to squeeze the trigger on her latest target, a vision of blinding clarity shatters her resolve, causing her to falter and miss her mark. Suddenly, she’s on the run, pursued not only by the military, police, the vilest underworld denizens, and her own Assassin’s Guild. In a dystopian future where worlds collide, and races clash, Vorpal’s journey unfolds amidst a tapestry of revolution and upheaval. She treads a perilous path, the fragments of her life gradually aligning. She’s a harbinger of destiny, her very existence is a veil concealing a profound, stunning reality, harboring a concealed purpose amidst the enigmatic backdrop of a world hurtling towards tumultuous transformation, where a solitary figure edges ever nearer to her incredible fate.

Written by Jason Tudor with Keith Houin

Drawn, colored  and lettered by Jason Tudor


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