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Jason Tudor

Another Good Nudge

My father noticed this. He said, “You’re trying to do too much. You’ll burn out.” And he knows I’m stubborn like my mother knew. When I set my mind to prove I can do something, I don’t let go until it’s done. Drawing comic book pages was a boyhood dream. And I clung on to that too long. So, this week, I let it go, knowing I’ll still be painting and drawing, and sketching as a hobby. I’m no professional comic book artist, but I gave it a shot.


I counted 28 Barbies, which I I think is a record

My 4-year-old daughter has 28 Barbie dolls. I counted each of them. Twice. I came up with 28 both times. To be clear, that’s 16 more bodies than the Los Angeles Lakers can put...


I bet I can screw up meatloaf

It’s called meatloaf. There are two basic components to it: the meat and the loaf. Meatloaf is simple: put all of those things into a bowl, mash them, and then transfer the contents from...