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A portrait of Jason Tudor looking up toward the camera in a three-quarters viewJason Tudor is a military Veteran, published author and journalist, and communications professional. His work spans news and feature writing, nonfiction, fiction, essay and more.

He started his writing career as a fan of the James Bond movies, penning a 100-page book about a spy named Lucifer Castaway — in sixth grade. He also wrote many of his high-school friends’ “make-up” 500-word essays to save grades including ones on racquetball, cooking meatloaf and water polo. He’s also been drawing superheroes and comics since 9th grade art class.

He served in the U.S. Air Force as a combat correspondent, deploying to war three times in Iraq and the United Arab Emirates. On assignment, he also traveled to Denmark, Germany, Iceland, Norway, Thailand, Vietnam and another 25 countries and 15 states. Raised as a military (Navy)brat, none of this travel and movement was unfamiliar to him.

Along with two military friends, Jason was the impetus behind the creation of charitable military anthology “Battlespace, Vol. 1,” and edited the book’s 29 stories and pieces of flash fiction. During that same time period, he wrote the initial draft of a script for the comic book “Mercer” created by Daniel Picciotto, and is credited for the story along with Gareth M. Skarka, who took over writing duties.

In 2010, Jason began work on the first of three issues of his comic book Vorpal. He wrote, drew and colored the first two issues and scripted the third. The fourth book is currently in production.

Most recently, the short story collection “Seven from the System” with stories from Jason’s comic book universe hit the shelves. He is also the publisher of two poetry books and served as editor in chief for two others.

Jason has also been a podcaster since the genre’s creation. His first podcast “Life in the Passenger Seat,” ram for two years and garnered 35,000 downloads. He’s also the co-creator of the Science Fiction Show, which interviewed science fiction and comic personalities from around the globe and garnered more than 178,000 downloads. His latest show is This Show is a J/K on live on Facebook. He also streams live art sessions on Twitch.

When he’s not writing, Jason is a communication/public relations professional for the U.S. government. He enjoys playing guitar, simulation baseball, drawing and traveling with his family.

He calls San Diego home.

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