I have some recommendations!

It’s time to play connect the dots between Vorpal and some of her counterparts in pop culture, literature and elsewhere! So, here’s my list of things to watch, read or otherwise consume that got me started on this journey with Vorpal and finishing Vorpal #2, Your Sins be as Scarlet (release date coming very soon!), a few nights ago. Do note most have a theme but some may jump out at your face and be like, “WHAAAAAA?” So, that’s fun. We have fun here. On we go:

To add to your Kindle:

  • The Assassin’s Blade by Sarah J. Maas (and other related books)
  • All Mike Hammer books by Mickey Spillane
  • All books by Dashiell Hammett
  • All books by Raymond Chandler
  • All of the Splinter Cell books, by Tom Clancy
  • Sylvia Rafael: The Life and Death of a Mossad Spy

Stick on your Plex, Fire, Netflix or other playlists:

  • Aeon Flux, directed by Karen Kusama. Watch the MTV cartoon, too
  • Atomic Blonde, directed by David Leitch
  • Columbiana, directed by Luc Besson
  • Fifth Element, by Besson
  • Kill Bill 1 & 2, directed by Quinton Tarantino
  • Kung Fu Hustle, directed by Stephen Chow
  • Long Kiss Good Night, directed by Renny Harlin. Geena Davis at the peak of her powers.
  • Nikita, by Besson (the TV series it spawned are also fine)
  • The Professional, by Besson
  • The Resident Evil films, starring Milla Jovovich
  • Ultraviolet, directed by Kurt Wimmer. Loved it. Few did. I did.
  • The Villainess, directed by Jung Byung-gil (WOW.)

For Comic Book readers:

  • Cerebus, by Dave Sim
  • The Dark Phoenix saga of the X-Men
  • The Frank Miller Elektra run in Marvel’s Daredevil
  • Grendel by Matt Wagner. All of it
  • Anything from the early Marvel Moon Knight run
  • Wetworks, 1994, Image Comics, Whilce Portacio & Brandon Choi
  • Whisper, 1986, First Comics

Video games? Video games!

  • Wet, 2009, Bethesda Softworks (Intense and fun! Also first on the list because of its influence on getting Vorpal started)
  • Overwatch (great female characters!)
  • Rainbow Six games, especially Rogue Spear
  • Resident Evil (duh)
  • Splinter Cell games
  • Tomb Raider

But wait, there’s more! Read up on:

There are bits and pieces of all of this in Vorpal. In some cases, large house sized chunks. And YMMV with any of these, especially if the genres ain’t your thing. But I’m not sure why great stories, writing, worlds and adventure would not be your thing! And certainly, with as much pop culture as I have consumed (BELCH), there are many here not listed.

What other recommendations do you have for me?

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