Past Projects


No Rest for the Wicked | Rainstorm Press | Buy on Amazon

  • Short Story “The Lives the Magda Made”

The Undead That Saved Christmas | Rainstorm Press | Buy on Amazon

  • Short Story “Rudolph the Undead Reindeer”

Tales of the Gunfighter Hollis Brown | | Buy on

  • Project lead/editor/poetry contributor

Vibrating Moonlight poetry chapbook | | Buy on

Absolute Poetry Vol. 1 | | Out of Print | Link to PDF

National Air Races supplment book to Crimson Skies game | Link to PDF

  • Story, rules & illustration

Art & Design

The Cat and the Wizard by Annabelle Tudor | | Buy on

  • Inking/coloring/lettering

The Undead That Saved Christmas Vol. 2 | Rainstorm Press | Buy on Amazon

  • Interior illustrations

Keep Your Crowbar Handy | Permuted Press

  • Book cover design

Seinfeld Trivia App by Chris Vadnais

  • Opening Screen illustration

Film, Audio & Video

You Killed Powerman | Directed by: Sami Häkkinen | Silent Paprika Films

  • Story, script and edits

The Science Fiction Show episodes 0-85 | Atomic Bazooka Studios |

  • Creator, producer & co-host

Various voice over work for Superhero Speaks podcast, Headshrinker’s Press, et al

Galleons of Mauritania | EP of instrumental music | Download single tracks (ZIP) or EP as one continuous track (MP3)

  • Writer, arranger and producer


Counterterrorist tabletop warfare game | Privateer Games | Out of Print

  • Project co-lead, writer & illustrator

Brothers in Virtual Arms webcomic | Offline

  • Art and story