Disclaimer & Legal

First, the opinions and views expressed here are my own and not that of my employer. That’s important. What I say here on my blog or anywhere else on my social media channels is my own opinion. Not that of the entity for whom I work. So, you know, I’m speaking. No one is speaking through me. I have no alien host living in the meat sack. As Han Solo said in Return of the Jedi, “Hey … it’s me!”

Second, if you do a ‘save as’ or a copy/pasta, please give me credit for the image or the slice of text your slurping. I have no issue with your use. I’d prefer to have folks come to the site and explore, but I’m also appreciative of the extra juice elsewhere.

Third, the blog and some of the content here can be NSFW for language and images. So, if the word ‘fuck’ is a test too tall for your constitution, turn away now.

Finally, take a breath. Relax. Be happy. Life is good stuff.