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A week unlike any other

The Masters is coming! The Masters is coming! OH. NO. THE MASTERS IS COMING. As a two-year Augusta, Ga., resident, I’m staying in town while the Masters is being played. A year ago, my...


My Eisner Award Submission

I have a recurring dream. It goes something like this. I am in middle school. I’m standing outside. It’s hot. I’m thirsty. A few feet from me is one of those toilet bowl-sized porcelain...


An update of sorts on things and stuff

After being away from the blog for a few weeks, I should update you on the known knowns, some known unknowns and some unknown unknowns. Yes, I just went a bit Rummy there, but...


ESports missed me by a generation

It was a Friday about a year ago, about 11 p.m. I’d crawled under the sheets, flipped on the television and started looking for some television-based pictures and noise to put me to sleep....