October 16, 2016

About the Author

Jason Tudor photoA former combat military journalist, Jason has traveled to and reported from more than 30+ countries, flying through hurricanes, piloting fighter jets and reporting on the U.S. war efforts during three military deployments. He is also the co-host and creator “The Brushfire” podcast, “The Science Fiction Show” podcast which ran for four years better than 120 hours programming delivered to 85,000 downloads, and the co-creator of the Warhammer-styled board game “Counterterrorist” (Privateer Games) with friend Dan Rains. He served as editor-in-chief for the published charitable anthology “Battlespace, Volume 1” (Knightwatch Press), which raised money for wounded U.S. soldiers. Jason contributed to the poetry anthology “Absolute Poetry” and served as editor-in-chief of another poetry anthology, “Tales of the Gunfighter Hollis Brown.” His short story, “The Lives that Magda Made,” was published in the collection “No Rest for the Wicked” by Rainstorm Press in June 2012.

His most recent project is “Vorpal: Shoot Between Heartbeats,” is a set of four science fiction comic books he is writing and illustrating with partner Keith Houin. The book was originally published by Headshrinker’s Press in January 2016 and received rave reviews for its complexity and depth of story. The first issue is available in the shop.

Jason — a Navy brat and U.S. Air Force Veteran —  lives in Georgia but calls California home. His daughter, Annabelle, wrote and produced her own children’s book, “The Cat and the Wizard” available from Lulu.com. When he’s not writing, he plays guitar, rides a bike for fitness, competes badly in field archery and golfs.