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Hi. From The Atomic Bazooka Studios.

Hi. From The Atomic Bazooka Studios.

So, Hi. I have not been swallowed by a Thanagarian Snare Beast. However, it has been a quarter of change. That has, indeed, slowed production of Vorpal to a stand still. I’ve been catching creative pulses in between much going on with my family, my job and, perhaps the biggest news, parting ways with my publisher. I wish Nichi and Landon all the best as Headshrinker’s moves forward.

So, that means Vorpal‘s marketing onus is back on yours truly (barring a publisher sniffing this post and, perhaps, reading this review from the generous Craig Manning in Independent Publisher). As of now, Issue #2 is 60% complete. I’m excited by the pages I’ve created, most of them having been previewed on Facebook or somewhere else. There are 81 more pages to be created before this tale becomes a graphic novel. I’m excited to continue. However, I find — like many do — that adulting ain’t easy. And, well, you can’t stop adulting. You can’t ask the Adulting Delegation for a trade. So it goes.

This redirect back to a solo marketing act necessitates the formal creation of Atomic Bazooka Studios. I have my good friend David Shires in Ireland working on a great visual for me under his business, The Image Designs. I hope you’ll take a look at David’s work and hire him quickly. He’s also a nice guy. All that said, I’m wanting to attend comic book shows and get Vorpal out into my community, and this is all fuel and fire to get that done.

I closed the doors on The Science Fiction Show. It was a entertaining and educating five year run creating and sustaining a podcast. At the end of it, we had better than 85,000 downloads, we had space on Second Life, and much more. So many people to thank, including co-producers/co-hosts Michael J. Wistock, Keith Houin and Joshua Gray. I’d also like to thank Joshua Johnson, Jessica Tozer, all our friends/guests and the myriad others who helped us make a great show each week. The privilege was mine traveling and recording from San Diego Comic-Con, FACTS in Belgium, SciFiCon in Germany, and having a million stories. Thanks to everyone! Josh and I will be bringing a fresh show, “The Brushfire,” to market soon. More on that soon. We hope you’ll join us.

They’ll be more updates to my Facebook Page and to Twitter. And should the Thanagarian Snare Beast (watch below) show up to swallow me, someone call Jon Peters and tell him “He done good.”


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