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Early reviews for Vorpal No 2, Your Sins be as Scarlet

“… excellent and engrossing read. I’m definitely looking forward to Book 3.”

“… the pacing was cool and action scenes looked really dynamic.”

“Love it! You have a good storyline going, and it flows well …”

“This issue is much more compelling artistically, story line and dialogue.”

“… it’s a good book dude…even for me, “Not-Comic-Book-Guy”.

“I love the story line. I think it compelling and I am already looking forward to next book.”

 Reviews for Vorpal: Shoot Between Heartbeats | Buy

The art in Vorpal is reminiscent of vintage Heavy Metal comics: dark, bold, and retro. While the reader sees a lot of Vorpal’s curves (are there no sweatpants in the future?), it’s a compelling design, and it matches the cinematic storyline. Beth could easily imagine this as an action movie in the style of Paul Verhoeven.

— Sophie Brown, GeekDad.com

 “… the first issue itself has just the right mix of exciting scenes and unanswered questions to get comic book readers interested. Starting with the titular assassin high in the clouds, reciting a poem to herself as she prepares to gun down a high-powered official, Vorpal immediately establishes a cinematic feel that pervades every panel and page of the story. The world building is engrossing, the characters interesting and mysterious, and the art impressive in its deference to classic comic styles. One page, which places five tall panels side-by-side as Vorpal tumbles from the city of clouds into endless nothingness, is particularly stunning.”

— Craig Manning, Independent Publisher

Reviews for Battlespace: Volume 1 | Buy

“I found BATTLESPACE an enjoyable read, it is well worth your time and attention. Especially Faith Eaters, A Flash of Insight and A Rare Chance at the Enemy. Actually I liked the WHOLE BOOK.”

— Amazon review of Battlespace

“… this is a great collection of stories from a wide variety of authors. Well worth the money spent!”

— Goodreads review of Battlespace

4.5 Stars on Goodreads | 4 Stars on Amazon